Our teachers are smart, energetic people who care and enjoy passing along their knowledge, utilizing their energy, and sharing their passion for learning. They create a vibrant environment allowing students to discover the joy of learing and develop self-confidence to advocate for their success. 


Our teachers are experts in the subjects they teach.

Our teachers have experience teaching abroad.

Our teachers focus on full English immersion for student mastery of the language.

Our teachers are ready to inspire students.

Our teachers divide their expertise. There is always a Lead Teacher
and a Subject Expert Teacher in our Primary classrooms (Grades 0–3).

Our teachers hold a Bachelor’s degree or higher.

Our teachers enable the social, emotional, and physical development of their students.

Our teachers work together to build interdisciplinary connections through hands-on
experiences and experiments to connect students' theoretical knowledge in different subjects.


The goal of our teachers is to support and inspire each child by helping them build skills and competency with increasingly more complex materials. Our curriculum spirals allow teachers to revisit and enrich previously discussed topics and integrate them with new information. They base their instruction on the time-tested BASIS Charter School Curriculum, but they have autonomy in the classroom to spark students’ curiosity in their own creative ways.

We believe that happy and inspired teachers pass their enthusiasm on to their students, allowing them to enjoy learning and embrace the fact that learning is a powerful tool that will open the door to the world full of opportunities.

Our teachers become partners with parents and caregivers. We regularly communicate with families about their child's new experiences and growth.