Program Goals

Our main goal is to educate students to the highest international levels with a spiraling liberal arts and sciences curriculum
benchmarked to the best education systems in the world.


We rely on our passionate, expert teachers to develop a classroom culture that inspires 
students to think that learning is cool.

We believe that trust and respect between teachers and students inspire this belief.

We’re proud to be both unabashedly forward-thinking and unapologetically old fashioned.
Our approach does not give in to the pressure of the latest trends.

We focus on what works and what is proven
when preparing our students today for what is to come tomorrow.


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Opportunity is defined in global terms

Today, we can no longer conceive of opportunity for the next generation as confined to a city,
a state, or even a nation. We commit to teaching our students to the highest global standards so
 that they can succeed in the best universities in the world and compete in a global professional marketplace.

Accountability drives improvement

Our program has been committed from its earliest days to the smart, network-wide use
of performance data. We hold ourselves accountable to use the insights this data 
provides to sustain and improve learning outcomes for our students.

Connection leads to mastery

Our path of study is connected from preschool to Senior Projects. Our curriculum is carefully
calibrated so that in every discipline and at every grade level, students are appropriately challenged
by their learning, and each year serves as a preparation for the challenges to come.

Mastery empowers excellence

We teach our students to achieve mastery of the foundational disciplines and competencies, for it is
that mastery which will empower their future lives and careers. In our classrooms, bolstered by
the unwavering support of the faculty, students will face demanding challenges and celebrate
extraordinary victories as they learn and uphold excellence.

Perspective creates responsibility

In our school, diverse perspectives are tested in an environment of informed thought and
collegiality. Students must be prepared to navigate the uncertainty of the 21st-century landscape with 
profound humility. By engaging with a variety of global perspectives, our students are empowered
to make their own decisions about how they will navigate the world.