Grade 0 | age: 5–6
Grade 1–5 | age: 6–11

The BASIS International School Prague campus is located in Prague 4 (Podolí) and is intended for children in Grades 1–5 (age: 6–11). This school campus also offers Grade 0 for younger children (age: 5–6) which focuses on the smooth transition and preparation for entering our primary school. 

The school is easily accessible from the center of Prague, but it is also well connected to the outskirts of southern Prague. The quiet surroundings of the school offer a wide range of extracurricular activities, especially sports. (read more about our School Facilities)

BASIS International School Prague is a seamless continuation of BASIS Beginners Prague, our Preschool located in Prague 6 (Břevnov). A shuttle bus between these two campuses is provided. Parents with children at different campuses can conveniently use just one location (Břevnov) for drop-off/pick-up.


Grades 6-13 | age: 11–18

The 2nd stage of elementary school and the high school of BASIS International School Prague will be located in Prague 6 - BUBENEČ. The campus in Bubeneč will be located in our newly acquired representative villa, a former embassy building from the 1920s. The Bubeneč campus will open its doors in the 2026/2027 school year. This will be our largest campus, where we will create a modern school facility designed not only for the education of students, but also for their self-development and entertainment. The campus will combine the premises of the original villa with a new modern expansion. The renovated main school building will offer specialized classrooms, laboratories, and the school library. The new expansion will offer a spacious gym and core classrooms. The school is surrounded by a large garden, where we plan an outdoor auditorium, a playground, and an outdoor dining hall terrace.



Preschool & Kindergarten | age: 2–5

BASIS Beginners Prague, our international preschool, is serving our early learners (age: 2–5). BASIS Beginners Prague was opened in 2018, and its campus is located in Prague 6 (Břevnov)The family environment of our preschool is purposefully designed to create a safe and friendly environment for even the youngest children, to support their curiosity, creativity and to stimulate learning. Beyond the necessary tools for a classroom, our three classrooms are equipped with multimedia equipment and provide a calm space for relaxation. Our garden serves as an outside playroom, offering a sandpit and various other options for children’s meaningful entertainment outside.