Frequently Asked Questions

Can a child without any knowledge of English enroll? 

Yes. Most children that are enrolled already have some level of the English language. That being said, immersion in English tends to be the most effective way in mastering the language. However, if the child does not know any English, we recommend him/her to be enrolled into Grade 0 (preparatory preschool year) where he/she would have more time and space to learn the language.

How are the children rated? 

The school will use 2 different types of grading scales: Pass/Fail and simple A-F. The Pass/Fail scale will ba used in courses focused on skills, participation, and collaboration. The Pass/Fail scale is used for all required non-core courses. For core courses, the letter grade for the simple A-F scale is determined using a percentage conversion. The teacher assigns the weight for each type of assignment in their course and publishes this information in the course syllabus. The student's Progress Grade Report for each course is then calvulated as a weighted average of all scores entered into the teacher's gradebook during the grading period. The A-F scale is described as A ≥ 90%; B ≥ 80%; C ≥ 70%; D ≥ 60%; F ≥ 0%.

How is the Czech language taught? 

At our school, the Czech language is taught in the full range of the Framework Educational Program for the Czech Republic. Thereby, the children will learn everything they would learn in a Czech primary school. Czech children and foreigners with permanent residence are regularly tested in the Czech language in their catchment school. Foreigners without this obligation learn Czech as a foreign language. Due to the parallel education of both languages (English and Czech), grammar is more intensive in the first years than in the Czech schools, thanks to which students perceive what is different and what is the same in both languages - the total time allowance for language education thus exceeds the demands of Czech schools.

Is BASIS School registered in the register of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports? 

No, the school is not registered in the register of schools and school facilities of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports (MŠMT), but is operated (like most interational Schools in the Czech Republic) on the basis of a MŠMT permit enabling compulsory school attendance at a foreign school in the Czech Republic according to a fireign educational program (curriculum). By enabling compulsory school attendace at our school, it is declared and confirmed by the MŠMT that our educational program is in accordance with the Framework Educational Program of the Czech Republic.

Does the child have to be enrolled in another public school? 

Yes, but only children with Czech citizenship or foreigners with permanent residence in the Czech Republic must be enrolled in his/her catchment area school. The school will be examined the students at least once every 2 years from compulsory subject (Czech language in all grades of primary school, school national history subject of Human and the Surrounding World in the first level of primary, and Czech realities in History and Geography in the second level of primary school). All of this will be taught within our Czech Humanities subject.

Do the children get homework? 

Our school day is longer compared to a traditional Czech school, and the goal is to ensure our students master the content being taught. If homework is assigned, it is to strengthen the understanding of the content by the student. There will be no content on the homework that has not been previously taught at school. In addition, we provide an opportunity for students to complete their homework with the assistance of their teacher at school. This is a common practice in BASIS schools in the USA. 

Is there a gatehouse at school? How is the safety of children ensured? 

Access to the shool will be secured by a sophisticated chip system. Children are issued only to the person listed in the application. The school reception is located at the front door.

What kind of extracurricular program will the school offer? 

The extracurricular activities are designed according to the interest of children. During the summer, we will survey the parents and children and suggest several types of activities for the Early Bird or Late Bird program. Intended fields are music, art, sports, science, etc.

Will the school organize a summer camp? 

Yes, during August we are organizing a week-long camp for our students (even those newly enrolled for the upcoming school year), which is an excellent opportunity to get to know the school environment, teachers and the other classmates.

Why are some lessons so long? 

The lenght of the lesson is adapted to the content of the lesson, some lessons are shorter and some are longer. We make a conscious effort to reinforce the content being taught. Some lessons will require additional methods and strategies such as real-world application through experiments, projects, etc.

How many children will be in one class? 

Optimally, there will be 16 students in a class, but will limit it to 18 students in a class.

Is it possible to follow a special diet in the school canteen? 

No, catering is provided by an external catering company. The child will have a choice between meatless and meat dishes. The allergens are stated at all meals. In case of specific dietary measures, we recommend that the child bring their own lunch if necessary. Meals (lunch + 2 snacks) are paid on top of tuition fees, depending on attendance. Lunch can be cancelled 48 hours in advance. 

Will you run a school bus? 

Yes, we operate a school bus between the BASIS Beginners Prague campus (Nad Tejnkou 391/10, Prague 6 - Břevnov) and the BASIS International School Prague campus (Podolská 448/54, Prague 4 - Podolí). Currently, there is one boarding stop and one exit stop (Břevnov). The bus operates in the morning and afternoon.



2022/2023 School Year: opening Grades 0–2
Enrollment: any time

Grade 0: 5-6 years old
Grade 1: 6-7 years old
Grade 2: 7-8 years old

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