Language of Study

Our focus is on achieving bilingual mastery. While our primary language of instruction is English, exceptions include the Czech language and Czech Humanities courses. 


We accept students of all levels of English proficiency and work with them to build the skills
necessary to be successful in our curriculum.

Our Lead Teachers and Subject Expert Teachers primarily speak English.

Our students  study Czech languages from the early years of our program through graduation.

Our administrative team is available to assist non-English-speaking parents.

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Full immersion or multi-language approach: The method used at BASIS Beginners Prague as well as at BASIS International School Prague is often referred to as Full English Immersion. This method is successfully implemented at all BASIS International Schools. Our students can also choose from several other languages during their studies (French, German, Spanish etc.). Czech and foreign students who want to obtain a Czech high school diploma must study the Czech language.

Multi-cultural opportunities: While our program recognizes the global nature of the world for which we prepare our students, in the early years, the program is quite focused. Since the curriculum is based on our American model with full English immersion, we focus on the English language, as well as English and American literature, history, and culture. Because our school is located in Prague, our standard curriculum will incorporate local elements so that students benefit from their environment, which is rich with intriguing history and culture.