Campus: Podolí

AGES: 5–18

Campus: Břevnov

AGES: 2–5

Magic of eager learning

Magic of Eager Learning

The BASIS curriculum puts emphasis on developing children's natural curiosity so that they can analyze the world around them, think about how it really works and not see it just as a computer game.

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Unique Spiraling Curriculum

Our curriculum ensures major course topics are “spiraled,” or re-addressed at each grade level with increasing complexity starting in preschool leading all the way to high school. This allows our teachers to revisit and enrich previously discussed topics as the students’ skills grow in time. Our curriculum is designed to utilize children’s curiosity, energy, and ability to take it to the next level. This develops their potential, talents and promotes self-confidence.

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Interdisciplinary Approach

We teach the key courses (math, science, humanities, liberal arts etc.) together in an interconnected way. As students progress, the connections they make across the subjects boost their critical thinking skills and deeper understanding.

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Hands-on Experience

Each lesson is accompanied by a wide range of experiments and practical demonstrations to reinforce students’ understanding. Our students are participants, not just spectators, in their education.

HANDS-ON experience
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Technology To Anchor Knowledge

Technologies are used wisely to anchor acquired knowledge. We have our own developed software platform - SPORK. It provides our teachers with educational materials and real-time assessment of the students’ understanding of the given lesson. Our students independently practice their new skills and knowledge in the classroom, while learning how to utilize the tablet in a meaningful and productive way. Technology and interactive learning are an integral part of our curriculum. We consider it important to teach our students how to use it, to understand its risks, and use it for other purposes than just playing games.

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Engaged Teachers

Our teachers are smart, energetic educators, who care and enjoy passing along their knowledge, utilizing their energy, and sharing their passion for learning. They create a supportive environment allowing students to discover the joy of learning and develop self-confidence. For the key courses, we employ two teachers in the classroom.

Engaged teachers
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Full English Immersion

Our program is taught fully in the English language. Our international team of teachers is composed of native English speakers as well as educators whose only common language is English. This creates a culturally rich environment dominated by the English language and leads to rapid acquirement of the English language.